Here's the challenge

Organize a short hike through your community or city, praying for the schools you pass and encouraging the churches to serve them. Do it in May 2020 and share on social media!


Download the overview, graphics and all information you will need to create your own Thru-Hike for Schools.


If you want to do your Thru-Hike for Schools or join an existing one, you can download what you need here.

Get involved

Get on the map! Register your Thru-Hike for schools or join an existing one. Get updates, prayer topics and feel connected to Paul and others.

If you would like to organize a hike for schools that raises sponsorship money for the cause, you can donate that money to your local schools worker or Pais nation.

However, If you would like to raise sponsorship to spread ministry in schools throughout the world through the work of Pais, then you can donate that here.

Thank our sponsors

who are helping us raise awareness.

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