Paul’s Thru-hike started on May 17th. Here is what Paul prayed for.

Day One – May 17
For churches worldwide to recognize the opportunity to serve young people in schools.
UK – That every school in the UK would have a church that is praying for it and seeking to serve it. Pakistan – for their plans to minister in 100 schools in the coming months. That their teaching and relief work will continue to bring hope, sustainability, and dignity for teenagers in Pakistan.

Day Two – May 18
For more recruits to join Pais and serve the churches of the world.
Germany – would double the number of affiliate school workers and teams in the next year, plus set up 100 Haverim Bible Study groups during Global Haverim.

Day Three – May 19
For the goal of training 10,000 teenagers in mission as part of the Pais Youth Academy.
Brazil – to implement an effective church recruitment strategy for school workers and to secure at least 9 active church partnerships by August 2022.

Day Four – May 20
For the Christian teachers in schools worldwide.
Ghana – to have a strong and impactful presence in all the 16 regions of Ghana, for more organizations to partner with, and for a long-term commitment from Pais staff.

Day Five – May 21
For Youth Pastors worldwide to engage with the young people in their local schools.
South Africa – For open doors to break into new communities as Pais South Africa’s teams expand.

Day Six – May 22
For the Pais teams around the world including their National Leaders.
India – to reach four states in India and to have at least two teams in each state. Pray also for them to train around 80 Pais affiliate school workers by the end of this year.

Day Seven – May 24
For more Christian mentors to come alongside young people in schools.
Denmark – That the new schools’ work in the Danish Kingdom will spark a new movement across Scandinavia and for the plans to go ahead for teams in the Faroe Islands.

Day Eight – May 25
For other schools ministries around the world to rise up and grow.
USA/Canada – That Pais North America would become a catalytic movement within denominations, networks, and churches. Their “Vision of 20/20“ (20 church partnerships and 20 team leaders by the end of 2022).

Day Nine – May 26
For schools to adopt Christian training resources for their young people.
Australia – For 50 Australian young adults to join the Free Mission Year program in Australia for 2021 as due to the current pandemic, Australia can’t accept overseas apprentices.

Day Ten – May 27
For Christian schools to start Pais Youth Academies in order to train future leaders.
Nigeria – For stable and strong partnerships for Pais Nigeria.

Day Eleven – May 28
For the expansion of ‘Because You’re Loved’ campaigns in the schools of the world.
New Zealand – to open its borders so we can start sending teams to the hosting churches and school partnerships in January 2022.

Day Twelve – May 29
• For governments to recognize and assist Christian schools ministry in their countries.
• For the work of Pais in the Philippines – its expansion and effectiveness.

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