About Paul

Originally from Manchester UK, Paul and Lynn now live in Texas USA. They have two sons and one granddaughter.  Together they founded The Pais Movement in 1992 after Paul had spent 4 years as a Youth and Community worker. Pais offers a Free Mission Year to young adults. Once trained they are put into teams, provided with mentors and serve schools and churches in a voluntary capacity for at least one academic year.

Paul travels worldwide to train the church in Kingdom work and has authored many books.

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Paul's Story

25+ years ago I walked across England.

I had started a small schools outreach ministry that was reaching my home city of Manchester.  Then, after receiving encouragement from a Christian leader that “God will give you everywhere you tread”, I decided I would walk from coast to coast, praying that God would open the schools of the nation.

What happened next went beyond my wildest dreams. Today the organization we founded has trained and placed multiple-thousands of life-mentors in schools on six continents. We have set up a global youth academy, training students to reach their communities. Millions have been reached over the last 25+ years!

And yet there is a problem… it’s too little and almost too late!

Another generation is being lost whilst we are yet to understand the incredible opportunity of serving their local schools. Teachers are crying out for help but are we, God’s people, too focussed on our own programs and projects to hear their call?

Maybe, and so 25+ years later, I did it again.

This time I prayed for the schools of the world. On my walk I recorded vlogs, telling the stories of how my dream surpassed anything I could have possibly imagined and giving advice to those with their own dreams in order to raise awareness of a missed opportunity!

When the Thru-Hike happened: May 17, 2021 to May 29, 2021.

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