Paul's Story

Paul and Lynn live in Texas USA. They have two sons and one granddaughter.  Together they founded The Pais Movement in 1992 after Paul had spent 4 years as a Youth and Community worker.  They are the Global Directors.

Paul travels worldwide to train the church in Kingdom work and has authored 6 books.

About Pais

The 2020/21 Goal: To train 10,000 teenagers in outreach and leadership as part of the Pais Youth Academy.

The Pais Movement offers a Free Mission Year to young adults. Once trained they are put into teams, provided with mentors and then train the young people they reach as part of the youth academy.  We are able to offer the Missions Year for free due to our full scholarships and they include accommodation, meals and training.

Candidates aged 18-35 with a strong Christian faith can choose to serve in various nations and can apply here.

Pais teams assist schools whilst always adhering to our schools charter.

Pais provides churches with Pais teams and they serve alongside local churches in a voluntary capacity for at least one academic year. Churches can apply for a team here.

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